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Can long term use of Ambien cause damage to the brain?

Ambien is a sedative and is prescribed for the treatment of insomnia. A large number of people are dependent on this drug in order to get a good night’s nap. However, using this drug for a long time could have adverse effects too. Many scientists have researched if long term usage of the pill could cause brain damage. In this blog, you can learn about Ambien, its effect on the brain and if it’s long term usage can result in brain damage.

Ambien being a hypnotic med makes you to fall asleep easily. It binds to the receptors in the brain that assist you in switching off consciousness. A most acclaimed and powerful medicine prescribed for treating insomnia, it has proved to be very successful in enabling people to sleep faster. However, it does not help much in enabling people to stay asleep for quite a long time. So, once these people are awake or wake up from their nap, they happen to experience certain odd or disturbing side effects.

Short term effects of Ambien on brain

When people take the drug for sleep, they happen to experience some kind of difficulty in remembering things or find it difficult to perform complex tasks. However, these effects wear off in a few hours. The nature of the side effects suggests that the med does not have any kind of permanent damage over the brain. The after effects of the pill make it further dangerous for elderly people who are weak or at risk of falling easily. Apart from this drawback, it is otherwise considered safe to be taken by elderly patients.

Ambien causing parasomnias

Ambien can disrupt the normal sleep cycle of humans. This pill has the ability to push brain into deep sleep state very quickly than normal. When brain tries to cycle between shallow sleep and wakefulness, it doesn’t reach there and rather leaves the sleeper in a suspended state somewhere between nap and wakefulness. This altered state can put an individual in some strange behaviors, wherein some of these behaviors are known as parasomnias. Other odd behaviors are sleep sex, sleep eating or walking.

Ambien causing epilepsy

There are chances for people to develop epilepsy while they are taking this medication. Those who took the drug in higher quantities than recommended could be related to having epilepsy. Lower doses had a lower risk for epilepsy. Therefore long term use of Ambien damaged brain leading to epilepsy.

Ambien causing Parkinson’s disease

Higher dose of this medication is subjected to causing Parkinson’s disease. If the person also suffered from depression then the risk is even higher. The effects disappeared once the drug was not used anymore.